Send A Birthday Email With Exclusive Discounts To Loyal Customers

Reward loyal customers by sending them a birthday card in their mailbox, which offers them a coupon code to use as a birthday gift.




eCommerce, B2B



Loyal customers are not an easy audience to obtain but, undeniably, they are super important to your revenue growth. Make sure to reward loyalty by acknowledging their value and sending them a birthday email with an exclusive coupon code for them to use.

How does it work?

Given the fact that you have obtained a user’s birthdate in the past, either through their registration or a popup that informs them they can get an offer on their birthday by giving you their address, e-MARKETER can store and use this email after a specific number of purchases happen. For instance, as soon as the customer completes 3 orders, they now are tagged as a loyal customer and e-MARKETER will send them an e-mail when their birthday comes.


Loyal customers are a huge part of your business ecosystem and rewarding them with exclusive offers will make them come back and appreciate the personalized effort.