Flexible Payment

e-MARKETER has as many pricing plans as its capabilities. That’s why our team will create the perfect plan for you, depending on your needs and growth.

Contact us and we’ll discuss your goals for your business and create a strategy on how you can utilize our strengths for your benefit. 

Starting from

49 / Per Month
  • 5k Views Included
  • Account Setup
  • Campaign Setup

Need more Assistance?

Our success services include design, development, campaign setup, monitoring and optimisation.

We are using e-MARKETER Coins as a credit system for using our services.

Our hourly charge is 1 Coin = 50€. 

What happens when I exceed my included page views?

e-MARKETER’s Pay as you Grow package doesn’t include page views, instead you pay only for the page views your website generates at the end of each month.

What support does e-MARKETER offer?

e-MARKETER’s packages have different levels of support; all packages include basic email, chat, and there is also the option to choose our managed service where the client need not necessarily ever touch the system at all.

Can I embed MARKETER’s tag using tag manager?

We have a separate tag manager code, which can be found in the interface at Account Settings > General > Tracker Settings.

DO NOT use the tag manager code in the header, or vice versa, as this can cause issues with your site performance.

How long will it take me to start using e-MARKETER on my website?

You can have the basic functionality of e-MARKETER live on your site in five minutes or less. Once the tracking code is active on your site, e-Marketer is capable of doing everything that is included in your account type, the rest is just a matter of setting up the campaigns. Most people can have a basic campaign, such as a popup, ready to QA and publish live within an hour or two; if you use one of our templates and only require minimal changes, it may only take a few minutes.

What do I have to do to integrate e-MARKETER with my website?

Integrating e-MARKETER with your site is extremely easy, and takes roughly 5 minutes or less. It consists of the following 3 steps:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Tell e-MARKETER the domains and sub-domains you want it to track.
  3. Paste the provided tracking code in either the master page of your website, or tag manager.