Guiding Shoppers To Find The Right Products With a Gift Finder Questionnaire

Customers not always land on your online store to buy things for themselves. Help them find out what they are looking for by showing them a questionnaire to find out what gifts best fit their needs


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Visitors to online stores don’t always shop for themselves. Helping them find gifts for their loved ones is key to winning over loyal customers. In this case, we have a visitor landing on an online clothing store, looking for a gift for their sister. They will be greeted with a gift questionnaire that personalizes the recommendations that are shown to them after the answers are given.

How does it work?

Every question the customer answers is stored as a tag. Subsequently, each tag corresponds to recommendations that fit the visitor’s gift preferences. To tackle the issue of getting the same recommendations even after the gift purchase, e-MARKETER can choose to delete those tags after a successful purchase under those categories so that the customer can later get personalized recommendations once more.


Gift purchasing is a task that many find intimidating. Offering a gift-finder questionnaire to your visitors can promote loyalty and higher revenue.