Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Boost conversion rates, total turnover and click-through-rate to new heights with e-MARKETER’s Recommendation Engine. Start today, by delivering relevant experiences through personalized recommendations across the entire visitor journey.

Recommendation Engine

Boost conversion rates, total turnover and click-through-rate to new heights with e-MARKETER’s Recommendation Engine. Start today, by delivering relevant experiences through personalized recommendations across the entire visitor journey.

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e-MARKETER recommendations combine each visitor’s individual interests, transaction history, demographics, as well as machine learning that mobilize crowd wisdom extracted from similar visitors, to generate highly personal recommendations.

Set higher standards for customer engagement

Stay one step ahead with e-MARKETER, by showing each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, using predictions gleaned from your data.

Combine User Preferences & Crowd Wisdom

Include dynamic recommendations for products or content related to alike visitors, based on multiplex AI algorithms, crowd wisdom and unique visitor characteristics and activity.

A Recommendation for Every Scenario

Embed e-MARKETER recommendations anywhere in your funnel, with product and content algorithms for anonymous visitors, suggestions backed by past transactions for returning visitors, cross-sales for cart pages, and remarketing emails. Simply put: increase the probability of buying.


Customizable Cross-Channel Widgets

e-MARKETER recommendations include a Wishlist widget so that visitors can save products for later, and Buy It Together widgets so visitors can check out with a few related products in one click.

Integrate Your Data & Get Results

Add innovation to the online shopping experience and synchronize your data automatically. Alternatively, you may upload your user email lists, CRM data, and product catalog or connect your CRM solution using easy integration, webhooks, and our robust API.

Increase Sales with Personalized Product Recommendations

Increase Sales with Personalized Product Recommendations

The recommendation engine analyzes the unique browsing and buying behavior of every visitor to your online store, e-shop, portal or website and then builds a unit of recommendations for each customer.

e-MARKETER takes into consideration individual ranked visitor interests, demographics, as well as crowd wisdom extracted from other traffic on your shop.

The result is dynamic recommendations pushed in real time at everytouch-point, to offer each individual the most relevant products at each right moment. As an outcome you get more repeat visits, higher order sizes and, most importantly, more sales.

Improve Readership with Content Recommendations

Are you an online publisher? Then it’s time to see your traffic on a different course. e-MARKETER’s dynamic content recommendations incorporate personal data with predictions based on other visitors, then serves them in real time at every touchpoint, offering the visitor the most relevant content at every moment. This is how higher engagement and return visits escalate.

Visitors on a content page may see what other posts have been most popular among other visitors who read the current post.

Shows the visitor the most viewed, commented, favorited etc. content from the same category or topic as the content is currently being viewed.

This recommendation will show a list of most popular content based on those categories most recently read by the visitor.

This recommendation will show the content that is most popular recently and encourage your readers to click on it.

Should you have demographic information on visitors, such as gender or age, then you can show items that were popular among their similar demographic groups. Demographic/CRM variables can be any kind of custom variable you have on your visitors and may be used to achieve specific marketing objectives.


A Uniquely Personal Cross-Channel Visitor Journey

Send personalized email drips with product/content recommendations, targeted content, and promotions directly from e-MARKETER, or embed them into emails with your third-party provider. Create a seamless experience as the personalization flows from youremails to your site, partly based on the email they arrived from.

Build Workflow into the Entire Visitor Journey

Use e-MARKETER’s smart forms to ask visitors to save their preferred sizes, or to send them a reminder of their cart content and leverage your customer expertise to fine-tune your recommendations. <br> <br> You can also create built-in wishlists to let visitors save recommended products to a dedicated hosted wishlist. After that you can either remind them later on their cart page, or send it as a reminder email.

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Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page. This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful website personalization solution, this is easy to set up on your website.



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