Optimize Any Element on your website

Optimize your website or e-shop fast and easy. e-MARKETER’s functions helps you to achieve a greater precision, avoid data pollution, and reduce testing time.

Advanced Optimization Solution

Our powerful A/B Testing engine offers you a variety of tools to test several segments of your website. Use separate user groups, set the rotation based on user, session, or random targeting and let the magic begin.

After testing, you can review and see in-depth analytics of how your testing went and decide which campaign generated the most traffic or revenue.

Control Groups & Targeting

Choose how many control groups you need for your testing period and select one of our targeting algorithms to start:

  • Random
  • Same user different visit
  • User rotation
  • Control users
  • Control visits

In-Depth A/B Testing Analytics

View advanced analysis of your A/B testing period, showing your traffic growth, sales advance and how much users ignored the specific campaign. Analytics Include:

  • Conversion analytics
  • Viewership analytics
  • Traffic analytics
  • Click analytics
  • Sales analytics

Powerful Multi-Page
A/B Testing

Test and optimize different elements on different pages in bulk if they are available for the same audience. Creating a multi-page A/B test saves you time and keeps your analytics all in the same place.