Personalized Experiences Across Web, Apps, And Email

Let’s get personal. e-MARKETER includes a diverse set of tools and a set of sophisticated widgets to craft and tailor personalized content for every touch-point, from landing page to email drip.


Website Personalization


Email Personalization

Send dynamic emails to customers using personalized recommendations, individual data like weather, location and device and stay one step ahead.


Mobile App Personalization

Not only websites need the element of personalization. Offer your app’s visitors the opportunity to navigate in a unique environment, tailored just for them.

Our Personalization Features


Edit your website without the use of code by adding new text and visuals for different targeting groups.

Popup Creator

Create engaging popups that enhance your conversion rates and traffic.

40+ Templates

Use our library of templates for popups, recommendations, social proof and emails.

Advanced Targeting

Target each and every segment of your audience separately. Each visitor is unique.


Create new templates with HTML and CSS and add them anywhere on your website or application.

Embed Javascript

Use scripts to add power to your static website and application or extract data manually.

CSS Containers

Choose the placement of your newly created campaigns with the use of CSS’s containers.

Minimizable Popups

Make popups minimzable so that visitors don’t get disrupted if they don’t wish to.