Create Affiliate Commerce Experiences With Personalized Recommendations

Add personalized content in a live or on-demand video with recommendations and information that customers might be interested in seeing.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App





Have you just landed a big promotion deal with an influencer or content creator to show off some of your unique products? Create an interactive experience in your store where users can watch a live or on-demand video while the items or other personalized recommended items are shown for your customers to choose from.

How does it work?

With the e-MARKETER live commerce widget, you can choose to display popups or embedded banners that include a live or on-demand video as well as recommendations including the items shown in the video, or personalized recommendations based on what the video includes.


Videos are a huge part of modern e-commerce and business owners should jump on the hype train in the most efficient way. Having that experience displayed in your store with instant recommendations can benefit both you and your content creator partner. It’s a win-win!