70+ Targeting Rules To Segment Everything

e-MARKETER includes an extended library of user attributes, all of which can be stacked on top of each other as rules in each campaign for more and more specific segmentation.

Behavioral Targeting


Target by
Product Interactions


Target by Demographics
& Preferences

Targeting Options

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Visit Type

Divide targeting groups among new and returning visitors

Page Views

Set specific actions to appear on certain pages

Device Type

Segment desktop, tablet and mobile users

Date & Time

Set campaigns to show only at specific days or hours


Advanced E-Commerce targetings based on cart value, products viewed and more


Advanced article targeting based on what the user is interested in


Create Interest groups to add even more target groups to your campaigns

Actions Executed

Target users that have seen certain actions already

Time on Site

Show campaigns after a certain amount of time in session has passed


Easy A/B Testing without the use of our advanced optimization tool


Target visitors from different locations based on city, country or state

Campaign Matched

Show content based on whether or not the visitor matched another campaign


Target audient based on what UTM they have landed on your website from

Traffic Sources

Set traffic sources, referring domains and types


Show different content for visitors in places with different weather

Actions Executed

Show content when specific actions were executed