Social Proof

Create urgency for visitors with the use of unique social proof banners and popups, including timers, stock notification, live sales and more.

Social Proof


Stay one step ahead with e-MARKETER, by showing each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, using predictions gleaned from your data.

Cookie Based

Reset the countdown on each new session to capture new customers.

Date Based

Run promotions that end on a specific date and add a countdown for it.

Social Proof

Views / Sales Counter

Add view counters to products and posts so that users can know how popular specific segments of your website are.

Social Proof

Stock Notification

Show banners that urge visitors to choose your products by notifying them about low stock or availability of a product.

Low Stock

Create urgency by adding a low stock banner to products that are running low.


Show a stock counter to show visitors how many available units are available.

Social Proof

Recent Sales / Posts

Notify visitors about your recent sales or post submissions. This way, you can keep users engaged with your store or content.

The recent sales popup will boost your conversion by using crowd wisdom to drive customers to engage.