Notify Users When a Product They Did Not End Up Buying is Available At a Lower Price

If you have a user’s email, you can target them after a purchase wasn’t made and let them know that products they didn’t end up buying are now on sale or part of a promotion.







Having customers adding products to their carts and then exiting your online store is one of the biggest headaches. Abandoned carts could easily be diminished by sending those visitors follow-up emails when certain products they added to cart are now discounted. In this example, a visitor has added a couple of flower pots to their cart but never completed the order. At a later date, when the website has a sale on those items, e-MARKETER sends an automatic reminder email to the customer, given we have their email in our mailing list.

How does it work?

e-MARKETER stores all items visitors add to their cart and knows at any given time when those items are part of abandoned carts or completed orders. We can track product prices and when they lower, we can send automatic emails to visitors that have added them to their cart without the extra hassle.


Abandoned carts are one of the biggest issues online store owners have to face on a day-to-day basis. Having an automatic way to diminish them is one step closer to success.