Reorder Category Menu Based On User Affinity Profile

Customers that land on your website from a specific ad might find it difficult to find more products they like in a big marketplace. Target them through UTM and reorder your category menu to show things they like first or make them stand out


Web, Mobile Web


eCommerce, B2B



Having a beautiful and organized online store is one thing, having exactly what the visitor is looking for at front view is another. In a big marketplace store, the owner targeted customers that have landed from the electronics category ads or viewed this category a few times and rearranged the order of items in order to make Electronics more visible and always on top view.

How does it work?

By knowing which ads the customer has clicked, or what categories they viewed, e-MARKETER can segment them and rearrange the order of menu items to personalize their experience.


Visitors always appreciate having their shopping experience personalized, especially if it goes as deep as to make the store’s menu fit exactly their needs. This makes their favorite products and categories available to view at any time.