Recommend Personalized Products In A Bottom Minimizable Drawer

Recommend products to customers by using a bottom drawer popup that can be minimized and changes based on the user’s journey through your website


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App





Trying to find creative yet valuable ways to promote products to visitors in an online store is always a key to success. A minimizable drawer, for instance, is a great way to show a customer more recommendations related to the last product they’ve seen so that they don’t have to scroll or move to another category in order to see them.

How does it work?

Using e-MARKETER’s HTML editor, we can create a minimizable popup that can follow visitors during their journey and recommend related products to the one the visitor sees, the best sellers in its category or recently viewed items based on the customer’s intent.


Having long lists of recommendations that the visitor can easily miss or not pay attention to doesn’t help your business get more traffic and additional revenue with each order. Finding creative ways to tackle that without interrupting the customer’s journey can provide more clicks thus bigger orders.