Provide a Personalized Journey By Acknowledging The Referring Channel

Has a customer come to your website from a referrer or a specific ad? Let them know that their source has granted them a personalized journey or… why not… a surprise offer.


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eCommerce, Media, B2B



Referrers are a huge source of traffic into businesses and e-MARKETER tries to push this marketing method to the limit. In this case, we have a visitor landing in an electronics store through a link in a Youtube video. A popup greets them, acknowledges the source and gives them a surprise coupon code to use in their next purchase.

How does it work?

e-MARKETER can recognize when a visitor has come from a specific link or UTM and show them a personalized message, a promotion discount or even a personalized feed of products or services that the referrer recommends.


With the influx of referrers and influencers coming into the marketing scene, it makes sense for businesses to acknowledge their existence and award customers that choose to support both them and your business.