Encourage Shoppers To Download The Mobile App For a More Personalized Experience

Having a mobile app for your online business is a huge bonus in your traffic and revenue, especially if your mobile audience is big. Let your visitors know that your app is available to download.


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In this case, the owner of an online plant store has created a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, which makes it easier and faster for customers to find and order the plants and equipment they need. Apart from communicating the launch of the app on social media, visitors can also see a popup banner that informs them about the release and, maybe, gives them a discount to make their first purchase on the app.

How does it work?

Visitors that keep coming back to your store frequently, will find it easier to complete their orders if an app is available. e-MARKETER can track how many times a specific user has come to your store on mobile devices and add them to a list to which the banner will be shown. On a more in-depth version, e-MARKETER can track the mobile device you use and have a personalized button to download based on your operating system.


Mobile apps are the fastest and easiest way to fill and complete orders. Given the fact that a huge portion of worldwide online sales is done through mobile, it only makes sense that you communicate it loudly and clearly to customers so that they can show loyalty to your brand.