Upsell Customers By Recommending Personalized Complimentary Offers and Products

The user’s experience on your website goes way beyond just clicking a link and seeing one page. make sure that you keep your customers engaged by helping them see content they want next.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App


eCommerce, B2B



In this example, we see an ‘organic fruits and vegetables’ online delivery store and the ways the owner can use simple ways to create more revenue. A user clicks on the kiwis and adds it to the order. After doing so, the visitor gets a popup with more ingredients to add to their cart in order to make the perfect smoothie. This popup will only trigger if the visitor shows some interest in smoothie ingredients so that it doesn’t obstruct all users.

How does it work?

As soon as the visitor clicks on a smoothie ad, or views a smoothie recipe on the website and then adds one of the smoothie ingredients to their cart, e-MARKETER triggers the complimentary items’ popup in order to get more ingredients to complete the perfect smoothie.


This popup makes it easier and faster for visitors to add more complimentary items to their cart, without having to search for them in an abundance of products inside a marketplace store.