Target Shoppers With a Surprise Coupon After Viewing a Product For The 3rd Time

Sometimes customers are not ready to commit to a big purchase and tend to come back to a product often. Show such customers a surprise coupon popup so that they can buy it easier.


Web, Mobile Web


eCommerce, B2B



In this case, we have an online watch store, which specializes in high-quality watches. A visitor comes from an advertisement, showcasing a specific watch and while browsing the shop, they come back to see more information on that watch a couple more times. After watching it for the third time, they get a popup giving them a surprise coupon code to complete their order today.

How does it work?

Using the e-MARKETER tracker, we store which pages and products a visitor sees and how many times they do so. Using that method, we know when a customer sees a product more than a few times and trigger a surprise coupon to give them one more reason to buy it.


Shoppers see things they like multiple times in a day. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll commit to a purchase, especially if it comes at a big price. Giving them a discount might result in a completed order much easier than relying on a timed sale at a later date.