Recommend Unexplored Products And Services to Customers Who Are Unfamiliar With Them

Finding new ways to keep customers on your website is yet another way to bring revenue to your business in an indirect way. With e-MARKETER you can use this way to achieve your goals.


Web, Mobile Web


eCommerce, B2B, Finance



In a Flight booking website, the customer browses the current flight options and browses possible trips. After few page sweeps, a popup informs visitors that they can now also book a hotel room at no additional cost.

Using this method, a customer on any type of website can introduce new products or services to visitors, only when they know that the user doesn’t know about them.

How does it work?

By using a page tracking method, e-MARKETER can tag users that have visited a service page or have landed on the website from a specific ad. Then we can show them a popup directing them to additional services that are either new or that the visitor hasn’t explored yet.


It’s important that your customers know the amount of services you can offer before committing to a single product or service. By informing them about it in a non-obstructing way, keeps visitors coming back and committing more.