Creating a Mobile-First Navigation Experience to Drive Discovery & Purchases

A huge portion of eCommerce visitors are mobile users and this brings an issue to the table. Is your website fully mobile optimized? Add mobile-first menus to help customers find exactly what they need with minimum clicks.


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Many e-Commerce websites don’t take full advantage of their mobile-first opportunities, hiding most of their active categories under burger menus and dropdowns. Make sure that your best categories are visible to visitors. For instance, a restaurant delivery online store has two mobile-first navigation menus. The first highlights the restaurants best selling categories in a swipeable bar. The second is an info banner, including a link to your cart, a contact button, and a link to the full menu.

How does it work?

Using e-MARKETER’s HTML editor, we add one stationary banner below the main header, that can be swiped to the right and added all food categories in it. Also, we used a floating popup at the bottom of the screen for the information navigation that scrolls together with the document.


Creating a mobile-first navigation experience for your visitors ensures that all information you want to give them is visible at any time. This gives your website more clicks and, subsequently, higher revenue.