Surprise Visitors That Have Added Items To Cart With A Coupon Upon Exit Intend

Losing on potential buyers is always a bummer. Make sure to catch them as they go with a popup giving them a one-time-use coupon code for them to complete their purchase.


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One very simple thing you can do to win back customers that show exit tendencies without completing their purchase after adding items to their cart is to target them and show a popup with an exclusive coupon to use.

How does it work?

By using e-MARKETER’s tracker, we know that users have added items to their cart and we add them to our targeting pool. As soon as they show exit intend, show them a popup, giving them a coupon code for a percentage discount that can be used for a limited amount of time.


In order to avoid piles of abandoned carts, you can give customers a small discount to help them complete their order without having to take additional actions.