Show Tailored Messages to Drive Newsletter Sign ups

Some users prefer offers while others prefer seeing what new there’s to order. Target users based on that and show them a personalized newsletter subscription form that makes it easier to create an email list.


Web, Mobile Web





Not all eCommerce store visitors are the same. Their interests and budgets differ and you have to take that under consideration when showing them promotional messaging. When it comes to newsletter subscription banners, knowing your user’s intentions and needs are a key factor. Take advantage of e-MARKETER in order to segment users who like new products from those that prefer offers and sales.

How does it work?

e-MARKETER tags users that have bought new products more than once as one group and those who have bought discounted products more than once to another. Then, you can show them different newsletter subscription popups and, as a result, different newsletters based on their interests.


Getting email addresses from your customers is not always a given. You need to know what might users find interesting in an email and use that as a starting point in order to get their attention.