Re-Arrange Homepage Blocks To Match Interest

Changing your homepage’s blocks to reflect each customer’s interests can drive more revenue and time-on-site for your brand.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App


eCommerce, B2B



Have you wondered what effect would a personalized journey have on your conversion rate and session duration? In this case, In a cosmetics store, one user might want to see more perfumes while another has a specific interest in body care. Why would their homepages look the same? Their customer journey needs to be as unique as their personality.

How does it work?

Using e-MARKETER’s variety of targeting rules, you can determine what interests each user has and re-arrange the elements on your homepage in order to show what each user wants to see. No more boring generic home pages.


Your homepage is your brand’s first image. It might be good for first-time visitors to see what you have in store for us but to keep customers coming back for more you’ll need to show them more of what they like and what they’ll want to buy in the future.