Personalize Email Content by Intent to Drive Efficiency and Conversions

Target customers with different intents and send them an email to make them return to your eCommerce store with personalized recommendations.




eCommerce, B2B



Imagine two different visitors at an eCommerce clothing online store. One comes back frequently and views what new arrivals there are. The other tends to add products to their cart but doesn’t end up completing the order. Target them separately and send them emails with personalized recommendations. The first will get new arrivals based on the products they viewed, the second will get discounted products based on what they added to their cart.

How does it work?

With e-MARKETER, we can segment and target customers based on what they do more on their website. Track the products they view and what they add to their cart. If they like new or discounted products more, send them an email with personalized recommendations, tailored to their intent.


Knowing your customers’ needs is a key to completing your goals. Make sure no visitors come and go without recognizing your brand by adding them to your mailing lists and informing them about offers and arrivals that interest them.