Highlight Product Filters Based on User Afinity

Make certain product filters more visible to customers that usually interact or search for such products.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App





Does a customer like cotton over synthetic clothing? Do they like oval-shaped glasses more or are they interested in vegan food? Knowing what the user likes gives you the opportunity to personalize their journey with personalized promotions and recommendations.

How does it work?

With e-MARKETER, we track which product tags customers view or search for. Using this, we can put customers in specific groups and show them targeted filter promos.

For instance, in a clothing eCommerce store, a customer searched for white t-shirts and viewed 2 of them. Next time they go to the product catalog, they’ll see a promo message prompting them to see all white t-shirts on the store.


If you own a big eCommerce store, it might be difficult for customers to find products they like by only using the search bar and the product filters. Help them find what they like fast and easier.