Add a Personalized Information Banner Based on Location / Cart Value

Sow customers a personalized information banner that targets specific offers and helps customers know their status on each one.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App


eCommerce, B2B



There are a few things that e-MARKETER can learn from when it comes to your customers. More specifically, by knowing how much a user spends on average, where they live and what they like, you can create a personalized information banner to help them on their journey.

How does it work?

Using an extensive set of tracking methods, we locate the user and track their current spending and interests. This way, we can show them a personalized information banner that lets them know of relevant promotions that target them directly.

For instance, if there’s an offer with free shipping over $150 cart value, you can show them the offer and how much they still need to spend in order to claim it.


Letting customers know about their current status on ongoing offers, is a vital point in keeping them engaged and giving them options on how they want to approach their order completion.