Create A Top Banner Highlighting A Time-Sensitive Promotion

Top banners can be used to promote sales or time-sensitive offers without distructing customers from their navigation.


Web, Mobile Web, Mobile App


eCommerce, B2B, Travel, Gaming



Urgency is one of the biggest drives when it comes to modern eCommerce. Brands need to know how to communicate promotions and time-sensitive offers using a non-distracting way. The use of Top banners is an excellent way to achieve that.

How does it work?

Add text, a timer and/or a link button to your top banner, detailing in a few words what your promotion is and how much time the customer has to act.


Customers tend to scan a website from the top to the bottom. Having a top banner communicating your promotions make sure that customers know what you have to offer them within the first couple of seconds upon landing on your website.