New partnership between e-MARKETER and Finloup

As part of our ongoing support to our partners with new solutions, we are announcing a new strategic partnership with finloup, the first Buy Now Pay Later company in Greece.

Finloup is an innovative payment method that brings additional value to e-shop owners by allowing them to offer their customers up to four interest-free instalments, without the use of a credit card or bank loan.

Just like the e-MARKETER platform, finloup’s solution can be easily integrated with all e-shops based on WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and other solutions.

“The combination of the personalized experience that e-MARKETER offers, and finloup’s innovative solution that gives customers the opportunity to buy with interest-free instalments without a credit card, adds real value to online shopping”, explains e-MARKETER’s founder, George Karystianos.

Finloup’s integration offers a significant competitive advantage, bringing an increase in the average cart value (up to 40%) and an increase in purchases (up to 20%), without risk.

Combined with e-MARKETER’s artificial intelligence technology, the benefits for merchants are multiplied. The platform offers AI-powered personalized experiences to visitors of an e-shop, and aims to optimise conversion rate  and improve all KPIs of the customer journey in general – visits, adds to cart, purchases, etc.

Strategic partnerships are the key to upgrading the services in an e-shop and that is why the addition of finloup to the payment methods within an e-shop that already uses e-MARKETER, offers another important option to its customers.

If you want to learn more about how to add finloup’s Buy Now Pay Later option to your e-shop, contact us: