AI Personalization

One marketing Tool
to rule them all!

e-MARKETER is an all-in-one personalization platform, with automated Machine Learning and AI campaigns that will skyrocket your website conversions!


Create Unique Experiences For Your Customers

e-MARKETER uses AI & Machine Learning algorithms to analyse behavioural data from your customers and make predictions about their future intentions.
Imagine e-MARKETER as your personal AI assistant who knows not only what each customer clicks and buy but also why he does that. We treat each costumer differently and as a result the conversion rate of customers who engage with a personalized website increases up to 500% higher!

Campaign Automation

Our Machine Learning algorithms provide automatic product recommendations for each customer based on their past and current behaviour.

Increase Your Online Sales

e-MARKETER provides every tool you need to optimize your website or e-Commerce store, engage your customers and boost your online results!

Personalize Your Website

Show the targeted content with personalization widgets including popups,  embed banners, online forms, emails, personalized discounts & more.

Automate Services
Boost Conversion
Engage Users

Harness your data to deliver a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

e-MARKETER’s personalization engine builds a real-time comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources, and then uses a combination of targeting and recommendation algorithms to deliver each visitor a personal cross-channel experience.

Our Engines


Personalized Experiences Across Web, Apps, and Email


47+ AI Recommendations & Cross-Selling Algorithms

Stay one step ahead with e-MARKETER, by showing each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, using predictions gleaned from your data.

Recommend products based on interests, demographics, frequent views and more.


Create a personalized magazine experience by tracking your users' interests.


70+ Targeting Rules To Segment Everything

Target personalized content, site messages, and emails based on multiple data sources including site behavior, demographics, location, CRM data, referral, weather, social profile, cart transactions data & more.


A/B Test Any Element
on your website

Test. Optimize. Start over. e-MARKETER is your solution to create and serve the best performing content, layout, and online experience to drive engagement and conversion, manually or automatically.

Our Toolkit

Banners & Popups

Banners & Popups that promote loyalty

Exit Intend Popups
Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Landing Pages to surprise your visitors

Let’s pleasantly surprise your visitor by delivering an unforgettable personalized online experience.Time to adjust your content and messages to your audience personal needs and desires, rather than just offering a static, generic experience.

Social Proof

Social Proof to create urgency

Create urgency for visitors with the use of unique social proof banners and popups, including timers, stock notification, live sales and more.


In-Depth Analytics to always know what your audience needs

Create urgency for visitors with the use of unique social proof banners and popups, including timers, stock notification, live sales and more.

Dynamic Emails

Dynamic Emails to keep in touch with your audience

e-Marketer uses AI to create dynamic emails with content or product recommendations, user variables like device, weather, location etc to generate higher conversions and engagement.
Drip Emails

Send emails daily, weekly or at a specific future date.

With Recommendations

Add recommendations to drive customers to your website.


Account-Based Marketing to Step up Your Presence

Target high-value accounts based on CRM data such as account type, product interests, or stage in the funnel, or data from third-party sources such as industry, company size, or revenue. Combine these with on-site behaviors, location, and referral data to have a full account view.

Software Integrations

WordPress? Drupal? Magento? Shopify? As long as your site runs in a browser, e-Marketer works! You choose what is best for your business and we take care of the smooth integration to ensure top performance.