The digital arrow in your marketing quiver!

Create Personalised Experiences to Boost Conversions

The digital arrow in your marketing quiver!

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Optimize post-click experiences, run personalized retargeting banners, and build targeted landing pages at scale.








Easily Deliver Personalized Cross-Channel Experiences

e-MARKETER is a comprehensive personalization platform, providing every tool you need to optimize your website or eCommerce store and boost your online results. It integrates customer experience across website, emails, and mobile apps using state-of-the-art personalization technology. Sign up today and activate your first campaign by day’s end.

  • Based On Extended Visitor Attributes: e-MARKETER considers visitors’campaign source, industry, real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, weather, social profile,session data & more.
  • Show the Best Targeted content with over 20 personalization widgets you can create top performing messages, popups, banners, forms, on-exit popup, emails, HTML and Javascript loaders & more.

Revolutionize your costumer’s journey

Software Integrations Software Integrations

Software Integrations

WordPress? Drupal? Magento? Shopify? e-SHOPPER? As long as your site runs in abrowser, e-Marketer works! You choose what is best for your business and we take care of the smooth integration to ensure top performance.


Even a slight improvement in conversion can have a dramatic impact on your revenue

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An AI Powered Recommendation & Personalization Engine

Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page. This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful website personalization solution, this is easy to set up on your website.



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