Dynamic Landing Page

Forget all about creating plentiful landing pages for different segments. With e-Marketer a single landing page can dynamically adjust to visitor’s interests,using AI-generated recommendations and powerful targeting.


A single dynamic landing page. Numerous experiences

With e-Marketer Dynamic Landing Pages, it’s no longer necessary to create a huge range of landing pages for different segments. Instead, you can make asingle landing page that adapts dynamically to visitor’s interests, using both AI-generated recommendations, and powerful targeting. Best of all, you could have a dynamic landing page campaign live by days end.

20+ Widgets to Create Dynamic Landing Pages

Seat and watch your bounce get beaten! With powerful tools like the WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor for visual editing per segment and the Form Creator for inserting new forms or exit popups, your landing page never performed better.
Change text, images, videos, and other visual elements of your dynamic landing page.
e-Marketer’s toolbox of landing page widgets includes over twenty widgets to create engaging dynamic landing pages.

Combine User Preferences & Crowd Wisdom

Let’s face it: we can’t go far by doing things manually. With e-Marketer you can leverage multiple AI algorithms, crowd wisdom, and unique visitor characteristics and interests.
This allows you to provide a highly personal landing page experience that can include dynamic recommendations for products bought, or content read by similar visitors.

Personalized Landing Pages Based On 70+ User Attributes

Imagine knowing where your customer lives, the weather conditions he is experience real-time, his previous purchases or his friend’s preferences. How much better services would you be able to offer?
With e-Marketer you can tailor each landing page based on 70+ visitor attributes including visitors’ campaign source, industry, real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, weather, social profile, session data, and more.

Dynamic Reviews

A dynamic landing page may also include options such as presenting product reviews dynamically from the visitor’s location, or based on categories they viewed. For instance, show visitors product reviews from those who are from nearby locations to their own.

Test & Optimize Landing Page Performance

Test. Optimize. Start over. Find the best content, layout, and behavior to drive engagement and conversion, manually or automatically. E-Marketer’s A/B testing is the best way to create dynamic landing pages which adjust in real-time, using a comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources

A/B Test Landing Pages

Conduct evidence-driven marketing, by rotating different content and designs between different users for A/B testing. Find the exact versions that get the most engagement and conversion, and pick the winner manually, or have it automatically deployed based on time or key metrics.

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