Case Study: Improving Conversion Rate by 150% in 3 Months

A success case study for a sports brand with e-MARKETER

When a popular sports brand teamed with e-MARKETER, one ambitious project was launched. Our mission was to increase conversion rate within a 3 months period, using our powerful recommendation, personalization and dynamic targeting solutions. 

We provided a sophisticated, yet cost efficient way strategy to boost ecommerce results. This case study presents a variety of implemented tactics, resulted to x300 ROI.

Learn how e-MARKETER boosted the eshop’ s conversion rate and improved the conversion rate along with the number of returning visitors and the average order value.

The strategy to increase conversion rate in retail

Within a 3 months period we launched, tested and optimized a total of 42 Campaigns for the eshop, achieving up to 9,82% increase on the conversion rate improvement.

We used a marketing mix of 3 product recommendations strategies so as to fit each visitor’s needs:

Generic recommendation campaigns: best for new users during their first visit, when we lack data. Such recommendations are based upon product popularity, new arrivals or trends

Tailored recommendation campaigns: these recommendations refer to product attributes like color or style, traffic source, device, local weather, the frequency at which different products are purchased together etc

Personalized recommendation campaigns: ideal for returning visitors, the relevant recommendations are created for each customer on an individual level, based on multiple attributes.

 Top Campaigns to increase conversion rate in retail

In collaboration with the sports brand marketing team, we designed and implemented the below campaigns:
12 Product recommendations campaigns on product, category, home and error search page. The total revenue contribution was 20.36%.

Our product recommendations campaigns included:

– Those who bought this also bought

– Those who viewed this also bought

– Personalized for you (based on user interests)

-Popular by category

-Popular from last viewed category

-Social proof recommendations (based on purchases from other users)-Cross sell recommendation popup

  • 6 promotional popups

Special Offer pop up

We designed specific pop ups to communicate exclusive offers based on our data.

For example, we identified a pattern suggesting that many users bought 2 pairs of shoes together. Therefore, we offered a special discount to encourage the purchase of a third pair to the specific audience.

Exit intend pop up

Full Screen exit Intend Popup popular products based on category with associated interest

Pop Up Newsletter subscription for mobile

  • 3 surprise coupon popups

We all love good surprises! Based on the sales and marketing objectives we designed 3 surprise coupon campaigns.

  • 4 urgency offer banners

Urgency banners perform really well, when combined to timely and relevant offers. The timer campaigns resulted to 7,47% improvement of the conversion rate.

How to increase conversion rate in retail: Key Takeaway

The outcome was an amazing +2.5% total conversion improvement. To fully understand the Return on Investment, check out the below chart:

An average conversion rate for an eshop in the fashion industry is 1,5%. Simply put with an average order value of €20 and an average traffic of 23,500 users, an eshop would achieve €70,500 revenue.

With e-MARKETER the revenue skyrockets to €188,000. 

Ready to increase conversion rate in your retail eshop?

e-MARKETER gathers AI & Machine Learning algorithms to understand behavioural data from your visitors and predict their future intentions.

Visualize e-MARKETER as your customers personal AI assistant, who can assume not only what each customer likes or purchase, but also the reason why. Our platform helps you treat each costumer differently, according to their interests and preferences. 

As a result, the conversion rate of satisfied customers who engage with a personalized ecommerce website increases up to 150% higher.

If you are looking for a smart and quick way to boost your eshop sales then choose your plan today!