How to increase conversion rates in e-commerce with e-MARKETER: 7 effective ways to boost your online sales

Are you looking for new ways to increase conversion rates in ecommerce and outrank your online competition? Are you confused with how to achieve this in an effective, yet cost efficient way? Conversion rate is extremely important for the success of online businesses. Now, e-MARKETER, a revolutionary comprehensive personalization platform, provides you with 5 efficient engines to boost your conversion rate and increase your eshop sales. Learn how recommendations and dynamic targeting works and why efficient onsite campaigns will instantly improve your conversion rate along with the number of returning visitors and the average order value.

What is a good e-commerce conversion rate?

First things first! Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who complete a purchase after landing on your eshop. An average ecommerce conversion rate is usually between 1% – 2%. Start by setting an achievable goal such as a 2%+ conversion rate. This should be the initial goal for your online store and additional improvements to the overall shopping experience will further increase it.

How do I measure my conversion rate?                  

Suppose your eshop is getting 10,000 visitors and 100 purchases for a month. This means your monthly online store’s conversion rate is 1%. You can calculate your conversion rate for any selected period of time you want: a week, a year, a sales period or Black Friday and compare it to the previous one.

But how can an eshop manager or a digital marketer increase the conversion rate?

Let’s get started by explaining all the simple tactics you can implement directly on your eshop.

How to increase e-commerce conversion rate: simple ways

Ensure first that you have implemented correctly the below most tested and frequently used tactics to improve your ecommerce conversion rate:

  • Use a detailed image or video, so that your visitor knows exactly what they are buying.
  • Provide detailed product descriptions, so people find all the necessary information.
  • Offer free shipping, even if you have to increase your product prices to cover the cost.
  • Create an amazing custom checkout experience, that is easy and fast for your customers.
  • Show you care about security by adding an SSL, featuring icons of credit cards, PayPal or other payment options and adding a security badge.
  • Propose multiple payment options, PayPal, Credit card, debit card etc.

All set? Then you are ready to take the next step!

How to increase e-commerce conversion rate: advanced ways

If you want to really boost your online sales, then e-MARKETER is the comprehensive platform you need to get measurable results. Check out 7 advanced ways powered by AI and machine learning algorithms:

1.   Offer personalized experiences

When your eshop provides your visitors the opportunity to easily find out what they’ve been looking for you become their top choice. On-Site personalization can be used as a tool for targeted promotions to customers. Your visitors wish to experience the same level of personal attention in your eshop as they do in a physical store. Offering them exclusively suggested products which best fit their needs via e-MARKETER will ultimately increase retention. And do remember that your customers are used to the customer personalization they experience via social media and they will positively react to such an online experience too.

2.   Use smart recommendations

The definition of recommendation engines in Wikipedia is “a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the ‘rating’ or ‘preference’ a user would give to an item.” However, in the e-commerce world recommendation engines are far more important than the definition highlights. When predictive analytics become recommendations, they alter how people perceive, experience, and make a choice. Recommendation engines have been essential to the success of digital platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify, according to their founders and CEOs. In ecommerce recommendation engines increase revenue because they are more than marketing tools. They are drivers of purchase, engagement and intend. With e-MARKETER personalized recommendations measurably increase loyalty and growth and amplify customer lifetime value.

3.   Implement A/B testing

A/B testing is a very important tactic for ecommerce. Split testing or A/B testing presents 50% of users with one version of a webpage in order to test the effectiveness of a particular variable. Results are evaluated based on whether the alternate page achieves a higher conversion rate. With e-MARKETER we ensure that results are real by splitting both page versions among all visitors and making multiple tests to achieve higher conversion rate optimization results. You can run A/B testing for a color or a line of text in a CTA button, a pop up or an exit intend and identify the winner.

4.   Treat new and returning visitors differently

Imagine walking into a store you never visited before and feeling overwhelmed by the numerous choices. Wouldn’t you like to have the proper assistance so as to quickly find the items you most like? Now, imagine entering your favorite shop and not being recognized by the salesperson, even though you shop there regularly. Wouldn’t this feel annoying? We agree. That is why with e-MARKETER we offer a totally different experience to new and returning visitors and increase the average order value for both audiences.

5.   Offer time limited offers

Urgency is a purchase booster. According to your marketing strategy we can setup timer campaigns, showing your visitors exclusive offers for a short period of time.

You select the product and sale percentage and e-MARKETER will take of the rest for desktop and mobile view. These urgency campaigns have a high contribution to the overall conversion rate, therefore do use them!

6.   Encourage visitors to complete a purchase

With e-MARKETER you can select rules and urge your customers to complete a purchase. For example, you can offer them a surprise coupon after they have seen a product 3 times with a timer. Or you can select an abandoned card popup and create follow-up emails. You may choose to send your customer an email with their cart contents, or offer a coupon code to get a discount as a motive to proceed with their order.

7.   Take advantage of the analytics

e-MARKETER’s performance and results is visible via Google Analytics for you to evaluate. Moreover e-MARKETER offers advanced results such as which two items are more frequently bought together, or seen together and more. These meaningful analytics often lead to strategic sales decisions such as promo or offers. Instead of guessing what your customers need, base your decisions on proven metrics.

Why choose e-MARKETER?

e-MARKETER helps ambitious e-shops to identify targeted audiences, setup goals and achieve higher performance through AI, machine learning and marketing automations. The platform includes a diverse set of tools and sophisticated widgets to create personalized content for every touch-point, from landing page to email drip.

Moreover, our team is ready to implement or propose a complete marketing strategy with specific campaigns that will boost your online sales.

Are you ready to skyrocket your online sales?

If you are ready to start converting and boost your eshop results then choose your plan today!