Publisher Solution

Your online magazine deserves to stand out above the rest. To achieve that, e-Marketer provides you with a variety of tools to personalize your website, provide article recommendations for users based on their traffic source, interests, and previously read articles.

Publisher Solution

Dynamic Article Recommendations

Let’s explain what we do with a small example. You own a pop culture blog that offers news on movies and TV series. You can now show relevant articles for visitors depending on what they like.

If they tend to read more about movies, their recommended articles will be about that. To extend that even more, if they are more interested in historical movies for example, they will see relevant recommendations.

Publisher Solution

Personalize Homepage Based on visitor interest

Provide each reader with a unique homepage based on what they like to read. This personalization technique can happen based on interest, demographics, traffic sources and more.

For instance, if you own a cooking blog, you can have a personalized homepage showcasing Chinese recipes for people from Asia and Italian recipes for people in Italy.

Publisher Solution

Dynamic Ad Placement

Whether you are using Ad Sense to server advertisements on your blog, or a third-party ad server, e-Marketer can create popups and embed containers that can hold your precious ads without being a nuisance for the reader.

Publisher Solution

Personalized Newsletters

No more generic boring newsletters! E-Marketer personalizes each reader’s daily or weekly reminders with dynamic content based on their interests.

Change text, images, videos, and other visual elements of your newsletters.

Add recommendations based on previously read articles, interest or demographics.

Publisher Solution

Article Popups/Tickers

Generate more traffic for your online magazine by adding article tickers and popups that promote new or popular stories for users to read. For blogs and magazines, adding more content for visitors will decrease your bounce rates and as a result your reach will skyrocket.