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The human need to feel special and appreciated lead us to developing e-MARKETER’s optimization engine. Make your website or e-shop perform it’s best by using a powerful segment-based optimization engine for landing pages, personalized content, promotions, recommendations, and emails.

Great news! You do not need to become a developer in order to optimize your conversions, online sales and revenue. e-MARKETER has avisual simulator interface for you to set up tracking of cart value, adding to cart, checkout, search box inputs, and more. Now you can track virtually anything that appears during a visitor session, without writing a single line of code.

Ever consider that by choosing a different color to your call-to-action button or adding a personalized pop-up banner at the appropriate moment you may forever change your daily conversions? e-MARKETER does exactly that, so tweak it until you find what drives thehighest conversion, based on empirical data. Our options for optimization include over twenty (20) content widgets to A/B test anything from design ideas with the WYSIWYG Editor, to new promotions using our Banner & Popup Builder, or different recommendation algorithms, and email types.

Optimize your website or e-shop fast and easy. e-MARKETER’s functions helps you to achieve a greater precision, avoid data pollution, and reduce testing time. By using segmentation to test within targeted groups of visitors, with optional control groups you will reach faster the point of getting maximum results. Test rapidly on the same testinggroup over and over again, until you reach perfection.

Nobody knows your business better than you do. e-MARKETER adds AI excellence to your website, so you can declare a winner based on the metrics you select. You have numerous options to choose from such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR), bounce rate, average time, form submits, checkouts, and more. E-Marketer will automatically shut down losing variants when a certain statistical significance is achieved.


Perfect for Finance, Insurance, E-commerce

Is your business active in finance, insurance, e-commerce or hospitality industry? Then you definitely need to test your results within targeted groups of visitors and feel safe about the conclusions.

e-MARKETER offers you this ability based on a comprehensive visitor data profile. The profile integrates CRM data, dynamic session data, cart value, referral, pages visited, weather, geo-targeting, and more.

The system can be set to rotate random users / sessions / pages, and may also include control groups, which allows you to select groups of users that are consistently the same, for the greatest certainty.

Campaign Performance

Stay alert and informed: e-MARKETER includes a real-time campaign performance dashboard, and triggers for performance alerts to your team to maximize your campaigns’ effectiveness. Track any key performance metric, such as revenue generated or forms submitted.

Utilize a Range of Tools to A/B Test the Entire Visitor Journey

Offering a 360 online experience is the ultimate goal of e-MARKETER. By using e-Marketer’s WYSIWYG editor, email broadcasting, forms, popups, and banners, as well as many more tools, you can ensure that your visitors are getting the customer care they deserve. You can easily test every touch-point from the landing page to the follow-up email drip they receive and deliver the best available content.

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Data-Driven Marketing

You can never doubt your own data. However, numbers are important when they are analyzed and utilized as valuable information for improvement. With A/B testing e-MARKETER allows you to conduct data-driven marketing, so that your landing pages, personalized content, promotions, popups and messages are the ones that convert the most!


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